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Todays updates 2.2.13

The Website:

Yay. New Domain finally. Since I had to do away with my old host, I am reorganizing this as my new domain. Please be patient, things will be changing drastically around here in the next few days!

Promo Update:



As of now, Feb 2 at 8:41AM PST Red Deception has climbed the Free Amazon Best Seller List to #15 for Historical Fiction and #12 for Romantic Suspense. I cannot believe my eyes, it’s a dream come true to have so much exposure, now all I need is an agent and more time to write more novels!

I am speechless. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Download Red Deception for Free!

Hey Readers,


I am running a free Kindle promo for Red Deception from Feb 1-5th! Get your copy!



Also, my website, JCMURTAGH.COM is no longer available. I decided to combine a blog/website so as soon as it’s finished, I will update you.

Writing wise, I am still hammering out the final changes and ideas for A Kings Trust Book 1. I hope to have it out sometime this year. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading my work!

Editing, editing, editing!

Hello Readers,

Sorry my blog has been stagnant, it’s for a good reason! Since January, I have finished a complete 60K novel and I am working on editing that and another novel. I hope to share more information on my upcoming works with you soon! Thank you for your patience!

The Red Deception is here!

The Red Deception is now available on Kindle! You can download your copy here!

If you do not own a Kindle, you can still read it by downloading the free Cloud Reader from Amazon, here.

If you do read Red Deception, a review is always appreciated! Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

Red Deception will be here on Dec 26th!

Red Deception is all set and ready to be published. I have posted an excerpt from the book for those of you interested in reading it.

Feel free to comment on my blog or leave me an e-mail!

The new cover art is also finished, designed by me.

I hope you enjoy reading Red on Dec 26th. The best compliment you can give an author is a review, good or bad. No pressure of course! 🙂

Getting Red Ready To Be Read.

Yeah, that was a tongue twister, but I feel like that’s been my life lately!

I have spent the last month putting the final edits on Red Deception, having it beta read, finalizing the book cover, and it’s finally being sent off to a professional editor for polishing. I am so excited! I plan to have it published by Dec 22. I hope you decide to buy a copy to enjoy.

Red Deception, coming soon to a Kindle near you!

This week I have been busy with editing my first fantasy romance short story that I plan to self-publish, Red Deception.

Here is a short blurb about the book and if your interested, it will be out later this fall.

Judith Timbolt lives a life of poverty and servitude until the day she finds a new beginning in the hands of the deceased, Lady Lora Noire. Donning her red cloak and identity, Judith embarks on a fairytale life she could only dream of. When she steals the heart of the powerful Baron Blacwin, her dream becomes a reality.  Will Judith’s fairytale unravel or will she be able to uphold her falsehood under the cloak of deception she has weaved?

Here is the book cover I created-

What do you think? Sound promising?

If anyone knows of any sites or blogs for fantasy romance writers I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!